So far so good…

Islanders Spring Tour 2011 continues.

So far so good, Islanders visited The Continental, Preston, The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool and two SOLD OUT performances at Live Theatre, Newcastle. We’ve had a wonderful audience reaction and, the pleasure of working with a selection of fantastic, welcoming venues. But, we continue on with three dates remaining this week, TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE.

York: Monkgate Theatre  Wednesday 3rd May

Phone  01904 623568

Hull: Fruitspace Thursday 5th & Friday 6th May

Islanders Award Winning ‘FRINGE PRODUCTION 2010’

The Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards 2010 are based on performances seen from October 2009 to November 2010.

The awards panel is an independent body, chaired by arts writer and broadcaster Kevin Bourke and made up of reviewers, broadcasters and other arts professionals, including Dorothy Andrews, Natalie Anglesey, Robert Beale, David Chadderton, Paul Genty, Corinne Hill, Alan Hulme, Sue Jones, Philip Radcliffe, Diana Stenson, Carmel Thomason, David Upton and June West.


Islanders, at 24:7 Festival

Farnes Production would like to offer thanks to the judging panel, City Life and The M.E.N for their support.

To see the other winners and nominees visit here

Another 4 Star Review!

Islanders- Library Theatre Company at Contact Theatre Manchester

Reviewer: Rebecca Mickler

The Public Reviews Rating:


Part of The Library Theatre Company and Contact Theatres’ Re:Play Festival showcasing some of the best of Manchester’s fringe theatre of 2010; Islanders is a prime choice for this year’s festival.

Set on The Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland, the play centres around three wardens and the seabird sanctuary they look after. Peter is the self-styled veteran of the island and part-time doomsayer and enjoys comparing human and bird reproduction as ‘one great big feathery orgy.’ He respects the Island’s rich history where once saints and hermits inhabited and has been working hard to protect its simple basic existence against the ignorant tourists and their whiney children. Not to mention from the other members of staff who appeared to have signed up just for the sex. Peter was doing so well as his boss Ellen happily ignores his one man assault against the world via Farne Island until a new warden Nicola appears to upset the equilibrium.

Mark Frampton who has been nominated for Best Fringe Performance at the M.E.N Theatre Awards 2011 for his role as Peter, is funny and irreverent, performing a neatly complex character whose outlook on life slowly changes when he comes across Nicola’s affecting personality. The witty and refreshing dialogue coupled with a unique setting is occasionally upset by confused scene changes, but there are still many poignant moments as Katy Slater who performs as Nicola and Claire Dean who plays Ellen add to this different but delightful play.

Dick Curran writes superbly creating new writing that treats it audience like an old friend whilst referring to some of the quirks of modern life, including when Peter is complaining about his well-adjusted upbringing where even his family members have the decency to die in the right order!

Islanders is a great introduction to Dick Curran and I look forward to being lucky enough to see what else he may have in store for Manchester in the coming years.

Islanders nominated at the M.E.N Theatre Awards

MEN Theatre Awards 2010: Nominations

By Kevin Bourke | Fri, 07 January, 2011

It is time to reveal the nominations for the prestigious M.E.N. Theatre Awards 2010.

Our judges have seen dozens of performances from across our region and have drawn up a shortlist which reflects the strength and depth of theatrical excellence on stage in our area last year.

The winners will be announced in February.

Islanders at 24:7 theatre festival

Mark Frampton in Islanders at 24:7

We wish congratulations and good luck to all nominees. To see the full nomination list click here.

A new year announcement from Islanders

A very happy new year from Farnes Productions. The cast and crew are back in rehearsals and the tins of cold baked beans are back in business in preparation for our appearance at Re:play Festival at Contact, Manchester on 21st January at 7pm and January 22nd at 4.30pm and 7pm. To buy tickets click here

We would like to offer thanks to Taurus Bar, Canal Street, Manchester for their generous hospitality throughout our rehearsal period.

Islanders received an extremely exciting Christmas present. We have successfully attained Arts Council England Grants for the Arts funding. This funding will provide invaluable support for our tour and the future of Islanders writer, Dick Curran.

Islanders 2011 Tour

Islanders is a real success The Public Reviews

Islanders began life as a rehearsed reading at Live Theatre, Newcastle in 2009 and had it’s first full production premiered at 2010’s 24:7 theatre festival, Manchester.

Now Farnes Productions is proud to announce Islanders 2011 Tour.

The Library Theatre RE:PLAY Festival 2011

Friday 21 January 2011 7:00

Saturday 22 January 2011  4:30

Saturday 22 January 2011  7:00

Tickets £8/£6 Concessions


The Continental, Preston

Friday 01 April 2011 8:00

Live Theatre, Newcastle

Wednesday 27 April 2011 7:30

Thursday 28 April 2011 7:30

Tickets £10/£8 Concessions


Islanders awarded 4 Stars

Reviewer: Jo Beggs

The Public Reviews Rating: ★★★★☆

On the remote Farne Islands is a tiny warden’s hut and inside sits Peter (Mark Frampton), modern day hermit, escapee from the real world, a man at home in nature yet tortured by its fragility. As he awaits his daily boat-loads of twitchers and tourists he becomes ever more detatched, increasingly moody, his social skills slowly slipping away.

When city girl Nicola (Katy Slater) arrives, with her bird book and M&S Sushi, she’s everything Peter seems to be escaping from. She doesn’t know one species of Tern from another and it’s a definite mistake to reveal that she’s writing poetry about mermaids as part of her creative writing course. Her week on the island as a stand-in tour guide is going to be the longest week on Peter’s life.

But Nicola is determined to enjoy herself and Peter’s grumpiness isn’t going to stop her. As the week goes on and their reasons for turning their backs on reality emerge, an uneasy friendship develops.

But they’re not alone. As well as thousands of seabirds, there’s Ellen (Claire Dean). Ellen is Peter’s boss, and she watches every move he makes.

Islanders is a real success, Dick Curran has created a wonderful little world – a claustrophobic bubble set in a bleak wilderness, and all the production elements come together beautifully to create it. A simple but effectively realistic set, lovely black and white film of the Islands and a collage of sound evoking memories from the past are set alongside Clare Howdon’s no-nonsense, pacy direction to create Peter’s world.

This little hut is his castle, and he is the undoubted king. Strong performances from all members of the cast make this a very enjoyable play but Mark Frampton inhabits its fascinating central character with total conviction and delivers a hugely entertaining and convincing performance.

Definitely one of the highlights of the 24/7 Festival.